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April 22 , 2009 - Request for Proposal: Customer Service, Cart Management and Route Management System for the Solid Waste Management Division

The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) is to procure computer software, hardware and related services for the customer service, cart management and route management functions (the System) of the Solid Waste Management Division (SWMD) of the Government of Guam (GovGuam). Through improved customer service, customer account management capability and management of its waste collection activities, SWMD will be able to improve the quality of service to the citizens of Guam, improve its accounts receivable position, and improve its operational performance in providing these services.

The SWMD currently has limited capability and systems in place for customer service, especially the ability to match customer locations with service status.  As a result, the SWMD has difficulty stopping the service of customers with delinquent accounts, or assuring that all those receiving service are paying for the service. The System will provide hardware, software and services to link accounts receivable with service eligibility through geo-location and RFID-based cart tracking, as well as providing SWMD the ability to manage customer service interactions.  The procurement of the System is being undertaken in conjunction with a separate procurement of solid waste carts equipped with RFID tags.  The two procurements together will give SWMD the ability it needs to provide comprehensive, cost-effective and customer friendly service.

Deadline to submit proposals is 4pm, Guam Time, May 15, 2009.


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